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Solution Description

Large CZPT and CZPT Efficiency CNC Equipment Hobbing CZPT  
GHKB-200A   GHKB-200M
Equipment Summary:
The model GHKB-200A is a 2-axis equipment hobbing device. The CNC axes are: X-axis–radial feed motion, Z-axis–axial feed motion. Axial shifting journey for the hob can be pushed by the common motor.
The product GHKB-200M is a 3-axis gear hobbing machine. Besides X and Z axes, it has one more CNC axis(tangential movement)
Overall performance and Attribute:
one. CNC method utilized for equally GHKB-200A and GHKB-200M are from CZPT renowned manufactures. The two of these two machines are capable of hobbing cylindrical spur and CZPT cal gears, crowning and marginally tapered gears, as nicely as worm wheels, sprockets and splines, and so forth.
two. The GHKB-200A/GHKB-200M is best suited for auto, motorbike, and CZPT machinery industries.
three. The GHKB-200A/GHKB-200M is of vertical design, the worktable moves to carry out radial feed movement. Primary hydraulic components arrive from reputed suppliers. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.approaches have computerized lubrication. CNC axes are pushed by way of preloaded ball screws. It has automated hob shifting function. Total enclosed endosure guards about slicing spot. Except prime remaining-front facet loacated electric cupboard is equipped with air conditioner. Gorgeous outward visual appeal, lessfloor location essential and high ratio of value/performance.
4. The CNC technique of GHKB-200A/GHKB-200M adopts FANUC CNC method.

Normal equipment: main equipment, hob arbor assemblies Φ27, Φ32 one for each and every, acomplete set of modify gears, tools for put in and adjustment.
Technical Parameters

Specifications  Models GHKB-200A GHKB-200M
Max. workpiece dia.  mm two hundred 200
Max. module  mm 6 6
Min. programming unit mm .001 .001
Max. worktable speed  rpm 32 32
Spindle speed/measures rpm one hundred-488/eight 100-488/8
Radial feed speed  mm/r .4-4 .4-4
Axial feed speed  mm/r .6-five .6-5
Distance between hob axis to worktable surface  mm 260-430 260-430
Center distance between hob and worktable  mm 30-one hundred seventy five thirty-a hundred seventy five
Distance between tailstock center to worktable surface mm 310-510 310-510
Cutter axial travel  mm 95 ninety five
Max. hob swivel angle  deg ±45 ±45
Max. hob dimensions(diameter*length) mm 140*one hundred forty one hundred forty*140
Worktable(dia.*duration) mm 320*65 320*65
T-slot of the worktable    3*eighteen 3*18
Total power/Main motor power  Kva/kw 13.forty four/7.5 13.44/7.five
Machine dimensions(L*W*H) cm 231*200*one hundred ninety 231*two hundred*one hundred ninety
No.of cases   1 cases in total 1 cases in total
N.W/G.W kg 3800/4500 3800/4500

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china  near me shop High Efficiency and High Speed CNC Gear Hobbing Machine (GHKB-200A) manufacturers