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Product Description

Little Variety CNC CZPT CZPT Gear Hobbing CZPT  
GHS-180CNC5  GHS-80CCN6  GHS-125CNC6  GHS-200CNC6  GHS-320CNC6

Device Summary:
Based on the basic principle of henerating method, and with carrying out index and differential payment motions by electronic CZPT (EGB), the machine is created to cut cylindrical spur & CZPT cal gears, crowning or a bit tapered gears, worm wheels, splines, and so forth. This machine is specifically suited for the industries this sort of as motorcycle, mini-bus, auto, etc. to produce gears in mass creation.

 Performance and Attribute:
GHS-80CNC6  GHS-125CNC6  GHS-200CNC6   GHS-320CNC6
one. The device is of 6 axes with 4 axes coordinated manage. CNC axes
A-axis–hob head swivel
B-axis–spindle ratation
C-axis–worktable rotation
X-axis–radial feed motion
Y-axis–tangential feed motion(hob shifting)
Z-axis–axial feed motion
4 coordinated management axes: B, C, X and Z(or B, C, Y and Z)
2. In circumstance of CZPT off or fault happened, the column will swiftly retract. The fault quantity will immediately show on the display screen.
3. With vertical layout, the column can go in radial course as feed motion.
4. With symmetric and double wall development of equipment mattress, circulating coolant can make sure secure thermal distribution of the device.
five. The spindle is driven by a huge CZPT servo motor via 2 stage super precision CZPT cal gearing, and a one tooth big difference clearance-eliminating system at the terminal. The swift-adjust hob and automatic hob holder clamping products are outfitted with. CZPT . spindle overload checking & alarm gadget is CZPT .
six. New CZPT ful pulling hob system is designed to tremendously increase rigidity of the spindle.
seven. CZPT precision CZPT cal gearing is adopted for the worktable to carry out large velocity and tremendous precision inHangZhou. The machine is geared up with clearance-eliminating and damp changing mechanism.
8. CZPT ful enter of circulating lubricant and compressed air make sure excellent cutting overall performance of the machine, tool and fixture, and so on.
9. Separated hydraulic and lubrication methods.
10. Equipped with hob, fixture and system swift change in excess of program to carry out different varieties of the workpieces quick-modify.
one. The machine is of 5 axes with 4 axes coordinated management. Its CNC axes:
B-axis–hob spindle rotary motion
C-axis–worktable rotary motion
X-axis–radial feed movement
Y-axis–tangential feed motion(or hob shifting motion)
Z-axis–axial feed motion
2. Four coordinated control axes: B,C,X and Z.
three. Carry out index and differential compensation motions by electronic CZPT (EGB)
four. Lower the workpiece by multi-start & higher pace hob
5. Fault diagnostics capabilities
six. Rapid retraction defense: in circumstance of CZPT off or failure transpired, synchronously and speedily retract hob to keep away from collision
seven. With operate of monitoring spindle overload and alarm, The qucik- modify hob and automated hob holder clamping devices are geared up.
eight. Compact layout, tiny ground location, guy welcoming building and simple procedure
9. With double-wall, rib-strengthened and symmetric development design and style for bed and column, it can increase rigidity of the equipment and fulfill the needs of equipment at high pace and successful chopping and make sure steady thermal distribution. Undertake massive CZPT AC spindle motor, CZPT is transferred to cutter spindle by high precision CZPT cal gearing. Adopt a one-tooth variation clearance-removing system to boost transmission accuracy and rigidity
ten. CZPT precision CZPT cal gearing for worktable to carry out high speed and super precision index
eleven. CZPT ful enter of lubricating oil and compressed air make sure very good chopping performance of the device, resource and fixture, and many others
twelve. Parameter programming
thirteen. End machining precision is up to quality 7 of the Chinese common GB/T10095.1-2008.
Specialized Parameters

Specifications  Units GH-80CNC6 GHS-125CNC6 GHS-200CNC6 GHS-320CNC6 GHS-180CNC5
Max. workpiece dia.  mm 80 one hundred twenty five 200 320 a hundred and eighty
Max. module   mm three 4 six 8 4
Max. axial travel  mm 350 350 350 350 285
No. of teeth    four-800 4-800 four-one thousand four-one thousand four-1000
Max. hob dimension(diameter*length) mm 90*200 ninety*two hundred a hundred and sixty*230 160*230 110*one hundred sixty
Spindle taper bore    ISO30 ISO30 7:24 seven:24 ISO40
Worktable surface diameter  mm a hundred twenty five 145 200 305 one hundred ninety
Max. hob head swivel angle  deg ±45 ±45 ±45 ±45 ±45
Center distance between hob 
and worktable 
mm 10-a hundred and sixty ten-160 thirty-three hundred 30-300 twenty five-195
Distance between hob axis 
and worktable surface 
mm ninety-440 90-440 100-450 seventy five-425 two hundred*485
Distance between workstay center
 end face and worktable surface  
mm 200-five hundred two hundred-five hundred 360-810 335-785 350-740
Max. hob tangential travel  mm one hundred eighty one hundred eighty 200 two hundred 120
Max. spindle speed  rpm 1500 1500 1200 800 a thousand
Max. worktable speed  rpm two hundred two hundred two hundred a hundred 200
Radial rapid travel  mm/min 3000 3000 3000 3000 1500
Tangential rapid travel  mm/min 3000 3000 2000 2000 three hundred
Axial rapid travel  mm/min 5000 3000 3000 3000 1500
Linear coordinate resolution of CNC axes  mm .001 .001 .001 .001 .001
Rotary coordinate resolution of CNC axes deg .001 .001 .001 .001 .001
Main motor power  kw nine nine nine nine seven.5
Total power  Kva 35 35 38 40 25
Main machine weight  kg 10500 11000 12300 12900 8600/9000

Notes: Because diverse specifications of different equipment, some attachments are difference.
Regular Attachments:

Hob arbor assembly
Washer for hob arbor
Totally-enclosed guards
Oil mist collector
Oil chiller
Cylinder for clamping workpiece
Hand maintain device
RS232 interface
Machine information storage disc
ten.4″ colour display
Twin-hand operation system
Equipment for installation
Instruments adjustment
Chip conveyor
Manual air and oil guns
Vibration isolating pads
Car. hob arbor clamping system
Automated lubricating program
Hydraulic technique
Cooling method
Lubricating technique
electrical cupboard with air conditioner
Spare parts for 1 year’s routine maintenance
interlock protection switch
multi-shade tower gentle for indicating machine standing
Chip cart

Optional Attachments:
Car. loading & unloading system
Auto. workpiece storage system
Deburring system
Impartial hob changing unit
Hob arbor
Workpiece fixture
Workpiece positioning system
Workpiece auxiliary assistance
Oil pan
Separated workpiece counter
Auto. door
Tool, fixture and system rapid-change more than techniques
Computer software for 4 axes coordinated management(B, C, X and Z axis)
Parameterized programming
Male-machine discussion programming
Machining wormwheel with tangential strategy
Operate of slicing cone root spline
Vehicle. tooth alignment

Industrial Parts:
Japan FANUC 31i or Germany CZPT 840DSL CNC method
Germany linear guideways
ZheJiang HIWIN ball screw
Germany spindle bearing and other crucial bearings
Germany and United states hydraulic parts
Germany sealing components
ZheJiang HABOR oil chillers for coolant and lubricant

china  Custom Small Type CNC High Speed Gear Hobbing Machine (GHS-180CNC5) manufacturers