china Cost Threaded Grinding Wheels for Gear Bear Profile Grinding manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Threaded grinding wheels for equipment bear profile grinding

Item Description

The threaded grinding wheels for gear bear profile grindinguse low temperature sintering method, very robust and efficint bond and the high quality aluminum oxide to fulfill your worm grinding request. The grinding wheels are of sharpness, lower warmth making, greater condition constainng and other outstanding functions. The measurements, resources, sprucing request and so on can be CZPT ized. 

The CZPT grinding wheels function sharp grinding, anti-adhesion, anti-burn, specially suitable for grinding high alloy gears, but also appropriate for basic gears. It can be used to the grinding approach of CZPT manufacturer gear grinding device line like Leshauer, KAPPA, and so on


Item Parameters

Threaded grinding wheels for equipment bear profile grinding
Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Hole(mm)
220 one hundred eighty 76.2, 90
240 230 110
250 50 127
275 a hundred twenty five one hundred sixty
three hundred sixty three, eighty, one hundred, 125, one hundred forty five 160
350 63, eighty four, 104, 125, 150 a hundred and sixty
four hundred eighty four, 104 203
450 eighty, a hundred, one hundred twenty five 203


Packaging & CZPT

For the packing, iSharp CZPT s will pack the threaded grinding wheels for equipment bear profile grinding in export standard carton + wood pallets + sealing film wrapping to make sure products secure.
For the shipping, sea delivery, air delivery and railway shipping and delivery are all supported. iSharp CZPT s will use its optimized operation process to save your ready time not only in creation step, but also the transport phase. Which is also the particular benefit of iSharp CZPT s.


Company Profile

ISHARP ABRASIVES Instruments SCIENCE INSTITUTE is a leading grinding solutions provider in CZPT . Experienced abrasive engineers represent a research team. Our joint factories develop and manufacture bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, CZPT -woven abrasives and abrasive machines. Adhering to the idea of”Green, Efficiency, CZPT “, we design, create and generate appropriate abrasive goods, devices and offer technological innovation assist. iSharp helps the users to boost grinding efficiency and top quality, help save grinding price, increase their competitiveness and obtain their benefit. iSharp’s products incorporate resin bonded reducing disc generating machines, ceramic bonded grinding wheel generating and dressing equipment, coated abrasive conversion equipment, flap disc creation line, mounted flap wheel devices, flanged flap wheel producing equipment, curing ovens and
connected supplies and components.

Anticipate you appreciate iSharp’s high quality items and exceptional services!

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The equipment ratio of the worm gear set is determined by dividing the amount of enamel of the gear by the amount of threads. As a result, one thread yields higher ratios than multithreading. All ep worm gear bushings have remaining or appropriate thread. ep worm gear sets are available in solitary, double, triple and quadruple threads.
china  Cost Threaded Grinding Wheels for Gear Bear Profile Grinding manufacturers